“The truth. It is a b e a u t i f u l and t e r r i b l e thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.”

This doesn’t work. And it certainly doesn’t show what you want most. 


Beyonce - Countdown (2nd version)

Lana Del Rey // Complex Magazine (2014)

Make me choose - Anonymous asked: Hufflepuff or Gryffindor?


when youre drawing and something is wrong but you cant figure out what it is


"At the end of the day, when something goes badly, he’s the one I turn to and talk it over with […] Some of the most interesting conversations I’ve had have been with him. Daniel is incredibly articulate… but he doesn’t budge, so it drives me crazy. I’ll be stumbling into the trailer in the morning, and he’ll be playing something just very loud and abrasive." - Emma Watson about DanRad.


“Hermione had taken his hand again and was gripping it tightly. He could not look at her, but returned the pressure, now taking deep, sharp gulps of the night air, trying to steady himself, trying to regain control. He should have brought something to give them, and he had not thought of it, and every plant in the graveyard was leafless and frozen. But Hermione raised her wand, moved it in a circle through the air, and a wreath of Christmas roses blossomed before them. Harry caught it and laid it on his parent’s grave. As soon as he stood up he wanted to leave: He did not think he could stand another moment there. He put his arm around Hermione’s shoulders, and she put hers around his waist, and they turned in silence and walked away through the snow, past Dumbledore’s mother and sister, back toward the dark church and the out-of-sight kissing gate.”

The Vampire Diaries - Bite Back Trailer [x]


Sansa Stark | Game of Thrones Season 4 Portraits  [x]

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I’ve gotten to play Daenerys from a young girl into what she is now which is a pretty badass woman, and that’s an incredibly fun journey to go on. - Emilia Clarke

Harry and Hermione looks